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Functional Art, Large Wall art, Modern Abstract art, Abstract Pop Art

"dynamic... hallucinatory... archetypal"

Myth & Maker is story time for characters in the depths. It speaks to the fundament of our human nature, to the messy, confusing loamy mass of our souls.

Myth & Maker is about creating dynamic, multi-disciplinary journeys to be enjoyed by all the senses.

Myth & Maker is story time for our expansive, indomitable spirits that can’t ever be taken from us.

Myth & Maker is about the sheer joy of creative expression; the moments that arrive with such force that they simply cannot be denied.

Myth & Maker is about dancing with the incredible evolutions of technology, logistics, and cohesive global economies

Myth & Maker is guided by a hand that is mine yet much greater than mine;  an homage to golden threads weaving their undeniable tapestry upon this world.

Abstract figures in dessert landscape with reds, browns and mauves by visionary artist Jacob Hokanson

Please enjoy your stay!

Rotating 3 dimensional objects in metallics and blues by visionary artist Jacob Hokanson
Tribal amoeba and birth origin in blues and flesh tones
Non representational abstract art with impressions of boats and squirrels in browns and teals
Abstract art in dynamic bold shapes of blue, red, and browns
Abstract mythic art giving the impression of a jester on a throne in blues, yellows, browns and reds

Home of Canadian abstract artist

Jacob Hokanson